Myna Testimonials

Kevin Santy, Boom Operator (Custom Molded CM7506)
I’m very happy with the sound. I like how I don’t need to raise the level to hear details. I’ve boomed with in-ear monitors for years, but these are the first custom molded in-ears I’ve had. The Mynas give me more details than the others I’ve used. The way I normally work is with one earpiece in, and the other out. This allows me to hear the boom clearly but still be able to hear what’s going on around the set. The custom molded Mynas will not fall out on their own, but I can put them in and take them out easily.

Jon Andrews, Reality TV and TV Drama Mixer (Custom Molded CM7506)
Thank you for the quick turnaround on my new IEMs. They arrived today from Nashville, only four weeks from the day the impressions were made in Cleveland.

The first thing one notices about these IEMs is the attention to detail. The robustness of the storage container, the strength of the cable, and the smoothness of the in-ear moldings themselves.

I have some other IEMs that have served me well over the years, but they were just never quite right. These new Mynas slipped in effortlessly and were comfortable from the first wearing.

[Follow-up, one month later:] I’ve had these IEMs for the past Month and given them a solid workout. These Myna IEMs are comfortable and the sound separation from the outside world is great. I don’t feel like I’m losing anything when using them in place of my headphones. I’ve notice that the volume control for the headphone amp is way down, so that’s a win-win situation. Maybe the best endorsement I can give is that I have ordered a second pair as backup!

Chris Bell, Production Sound Mixer (Custom Molded CM7506)
They’re really making a difference for me. I can finally hear what the mic is picking up without worrying about outside bleed and second guessing myself. I often work in windy environments, and sometimes the wind hitting the headphones can sound very similar to wind hitting the mic. Using the Mynas eliminates that effect and allows me to have confidence in what I’m capturing.

John Villarosa, Production Sound Mixer (Universal Fit UM7506)
My universals fit great! I normally use Audio-Technica M50x headphones, and I found the Myna UM7506 in-ears to be a good match. Very pleased with them!

Chris Polczinski, Production Sound Mixer (Custom Molded CM770)
The Myna CM770 IEMs are great! They give me the sound quality of the Beyerdynamic DT770 headphones when it’s not feasible to wear over-the-ear headphones. (Now I can wear my sun hat!) They are matched perfectly, which allows me to switch from cart based mixing with the DT770 headphones to ENG mixing with the Myna IEMs.

The Myna CM770 IEMs are comfortable and sound great. It’s important when booming to hear any handling noise that may occur, and the low-end response on these Mynas gives me just that.

I still often use my Beyer headphones, but when I was working a Grand Canyon caving shoot that required wearing a helmet, headphones were not an option. Thank goodness I had my Mynas. A recent production was in a very loud helicopter. I used my Mynas for monitoring, and I was also able to put on the helicopter’s aviation headset for additional noise reduction.

I recorded a “sound bath” for a corporate video and loved the experience! (see photos) All external distractions begin to fade, which says it all. These IEMs are so isolating that you really get the feel for your microphone’s pickup pattern. While recording the sound bath, I became entranced with the resonant frequencies the different sound bath bowls had. It was honestly one of the most interesting things I’ve ever recorded, and the Myna IEMs made it easy and immersive. They did a great job isolating what was being recorded in a loud location.

These are also nice at the gym when you want to stay in the zone and drown out that big grunting guy in the corner. The included clips were helpful there as well.

Kevin Cerchiai, Boom Operator (Custom Molded CM7506)
As a boom operator, I like my custom molded Mynas for hearing the detail, such as being on-axis, and for the isolation. Also, when I have to move quickly, like following an actor on a run, the Mynas are secure when headphones might come off.

Steve Grider, Production Mixer (Custom Molded CM7506)
I splurged for the custom molded, IEMs with polished bloodwood, mother-of-pearl logos, and quad weave cable, which set these apart from the majority of IEMs I have seen.

The build quality of the Myna is superior to my other IEMs, including the cable and connectors. The weight and feel gives you confidence in their construction. It is the most robust by far, and the best looking.

Myna is supposed to be neutral to the Sony 7506 headphones, and for my ears it’s mission accomplished. The Mynas required the lowest volume settings of the various brands I’ve tested, resulting in noticeably lower amplifier noise.

When using with typical 10-plus hours days, the Mynas were never uncomfortable. Of the other brands I’ve used, Mynas seem to be a winner in the comfort department.

My first use of these custom molded Mynas was a commercial shoot on a very noisy downtown Nashville rooftop, with live music and honky-tonk crowds from all directions. In a situation such as this, monitoring is crucial—I need to know what the mics sound like without the ambient bleed of normal headphones, without cranking up the volume or clamping down on my headphones to improve isolation. My Mynas gave me the needed isolation while still sounding like my Sony 7506 headphones.

I am very happy with the purchase, and look forward to using my Mynas for years to come.